Welcome to ReadingPlanner.com!

We never plan to fail, but rather we fail to plan. The ReadingPlanner software was designed to help you plan to succeed in your devotional life with Christ. It is my prayer that the software provided on this web site will encourage you in your spiritual discipline in seeking Christ. It is not meant to be a legalistic tool, to measure your holiness but rather a means to help you plan to succeed in your spiritual life by outlining a reading plan which fits your schedule.

Each chapter assigned by ReadingPlanner is weighted by the number of verses in that chapter so that you get a relatively even amount of reading each day over a period of time. By allowing you to choose exactly the days you wish to read you will be less likely to fall behind. Do you find that the one year bible plans fail for you? With ReadingPlanner you can try a two year plan instead.

At the moment there are two versions of ReadingPlanner, the first is designed to run on the Windows Operating System, and the second is designed for the Palm Operating System. For the Windows version the created reading plan is written to a HTML file which can be saved to your desktop and viewed using your favorite web browser. For the Palm OS the plan is saved on your Palm device where you can view any day's assigned readings and launch directly into the bible to read (Requires PalmBible+ a free download). Plus best of all it is free software.